With the leadership provided by United Way of Mason County and the Pennies from Heaven Foundation, the Lakeshore Resource Network will soon become a reality and home to 8 non-profit health and human service organizations.

By being under one roof, the organizations will be able to operate more efficiently and effectively through the sharing of back office services such as, a centralized receptionist, phone and internet system and more.

In addition, the design of the building offers an environment that focuses on treating the whole person versus the initial need. ¬†For instance, when a person comes to the Lakeshore Resource Network, due to a housing crisis, it’s not about just solving that need, but digging deeper to find out what other issues may have caused the crisis to occur in the first place.

Below are the organizations that will be relocating to the building.

  • American Red Cross,
  • Habitat for Humanity,
  • Lakeshore Food Club,
  • Michigan Works! West Central,
  • Pennies from Heaven Foundation,
  • Staircase Youth Services,
  • TrueNorth Community Services and
  • United Way of Mason County.

The  building will be opening later this summer and will be located at 920 East Tinkham Avenue, Ludington.